The Misfit Shine 2 packs even more dynamite into a tiny package


Wearable maker Misfit has a habit of making attractive fitness trackers that don’t look like fitness trackers. We’ve seen the Flash, the Shine (Speedo edition), and the Fret, among others, in recent years but now it is the Misfit Shine 2’s time to shine.

Misfit’s sequel to their excellent Shine hasn’t played with the look much. It’s still a lightweight light-bordered metallic disc that can be worn on the wrist but Misfit have gone and stuffed more gadgetry behind it. A new accelerator and magnetometer have been included for more accurate tracking and the company have also given the Shine 2 the ability to give you a little buzz when you get a phone call or message. The vibration addition will also work when you’re sitting in one place too long, reminding you to get off your lazy… ahem.

So far, we’ve seen all of this before. But Misfit are touting a new feature that we absolutely can’t wait to see in action – Misfit Link. The improved touch controls, as well as a connection to Misfit Link, will let you use the Shine 2 as a remote control for… what have you got that connects to the internet? Most of that, apparently. Lights, cameras and other smart home devices can be controlled, to a greater or lesser extent. Like we said, we have to see this in action.

The Misfit Shine 2 is available from Misfit direct at the moment, with a global retail rollout expected to take place in November this year. If you’re adamant that you don’t want to wait, it’s available for $99 (R1,350) at present, not counting delivery and import costs.


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