Yamaha teases new vehicle concept for the Tokyo Motor Show


We expect a lot from Yamaha. Excellent boat motors. Insane superbikes. The occasional jet ski and quad bike. Great speakers, headphones and, weirdly, musical instruments. But we weren’t expecting this.

Yamaha TeaserYamaha is teasing an actual motor vehicle, the sort that features four wheels, where the “…design concept is inspired by motorcycles and expresses the Unique Style of Yamaha.” Aside from that statement details on the vehicle are scarce but we can be reasonably certain that they haven’t put two bikes and a bunch of duct-tape in the same room, based on the outline of the teaser image (above).

What on Earth would a motor vehicle created by Yamaha feature in the power-plant area? We’ll know for certain when Yamaha reveals the concept at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month but there’s speculation that the company are dropping an engine based on their motorcycles into the sleek and sporty frame you see above. Or they could be opting for a hybrid or fully-electric motor for the car, since it’d suit the environs of Tokyo rather splendidly, but the company also has experience with traditional car engines. But then where would the “inspired by motorcycles” bit come in? They haven’t just painted it Yamaha Blue and given it a fairing, have they? Nah…

In addition to the vehicle concept, Yamaha will be showing off another 20 vehicles that are more in keeping with their traditional products. Scooters, bikes, motorbikes and the like will be appearing alongside whatever this is from 29 October.

Source: World Car Fans


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