Apple and Samsung have theirs – Is the world ready for LG G Pay?


The nature of technology and South Africa is that we can hear the second or third versions of an innovation before we see it being natively supported in SA. That’s the case with the current rumour, which claims that tech-maker LG will be following in the footsteps of Apple and Samsung’s mobile payment systems.

The system will reportedly be called LG G Pay, based on trademark applications that the company has applied for both in the States and in South Korea. This suggests that the service, if it does exist, will have a pretty global launch. The existence of LG G Pay seems to have been confirmed, though the source is an anonymous person who was present at a 1 October conference where LG director Kim Jong Hoon reportedly made the confirmation.

There’s no real information on how LG’s mobile payment system would work but reports are saying that it will be more versatile than Apple’s solution or Samsung Pay, which is the best option on the market right now. Time will tell but here we are, sitting patiently waiting for Apple Pay and Samsung Pay to launch.

Source: Android Authority


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