Yes, Star Wars Battlefront will have a Season Pass


Electronic Arts have announced that Star Wars Battlefront is getting a paid-for Season Pass which will give buyers access to four packages of content from developer DICE. Sounds about right, as the Season Pass is a thing everywhere these days.

The announcement says that the pass will cost players $50 (about R675 at current exchange rates), which is almost as much as the full game will cost, and as yet EA haven’t said what players can expect from the planned expansion content. So anyone getting too excited will be going in blind right now.

But not totally blind. Buyers will be able to play the new content (whatever it actually is) two weeks before non-Season Pass holders, and there’s a Shoot First emote in it for them as well. Based on impressions of the Battlefront beta so far, picking it up won’t be a bad idea.

This year’s Electronic Arts isn’t the same as last year’s, it seems. They’re actually being quite… awesome, for a change. They have announced that they will not be including any microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront, following a similar announcement about the upcoming Need for Speed reboot, and they actually seem to just be focusing on staying out of trouble and making good games.

As such, we’re feeling optimistic about this Season Pass announcement. There’s no way they’d spoil their current lot of goodwill, right?

Source: Electronic Arts


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