Experience London in 4K, thanks to an iPhone 6s


We’ve been to London and at ground level, it’s not the world’s prettiest city. Unless you know where to look. The folks at AmnesiArt, who are responsible for this brief 4K video tour of the British capital, know exactly where to look. They’ve got quite the cinematic sense as well.

The short, called Portrait of London, is a gorgeous look at the city (and we might have been too harsh in our initial judgement) but that’s not why we’re impressed with this presentation. We’re impressed because the two-minute overview of the city was shot entirely using the iPhone 6s’ 4K video functions.

The time lapse, slow-motion and super-high-resolution can only really be viewed correctly if you have the corresponding screen and internet connection required to stream it effectively but it does a fine job of illustrating what Apple’s latest handset’s updated camera is capable of. That iPhone 6s upgrade is looking like a better proposition all the time.

Source: AmnesiArt (YouTube) via The Next Web


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