Light Start – Top Gear, origami cars, Beolab 90, Star Wars HP, and TALOS


Amazon Prime’s version of Top Gear has gotten underway

Top GearFirst Top Gear was cancelled. Then it was renewed, with a different set of hosts (we’re not going to get into that right now). Then Amazon got hold of the original Top Gear trio and decided to do a similar-but-not-quite-Top-Gear of their own. And now filming is underway and we also know exactly which three vehicles will be on the roster for the first show, thanks to Jeremy Clarkson and Twitter. Those right there are the Ferrari LaFerrari, the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918. Now, what are they going to called the show…

Source: Jeremy Clarkson (Twitter)

Lexus have gone from hoverboard to origami car

Paper LexusLexus have gone for a lot of publicity by doing things which are… less obviously related to cars than we’d normally think. They’ve made a hoverboard (which definitely works but which is also highly specific about it) and now they’ve made a paper car. A full-sized paper car. One which is powered by an electric motor. The point? As a “…celebration of the skills of Lexus’s takumi craftsmen and women” and they’ve definitely got the skills as far as paper-modification goes. It’s not really practical, like Lexus’ hoverboard project,

Source: Toyota

Is R540,000 too much to pay for a Bang & Olufsen speaker? 

Bang and Olufson are about to turn 90. So they’ve come out with a new speaker, called the Beolab 90 and they certainly do think a lot of it. Enough of it to charge $40,000, or around R540,000, for a single speaker. Which, to be fair, is an 8200-watt, 135kg+, 360-degree speaker with some 18 drivers in it, as well as app support. It’s definitely a good speaker. The question is whether it is worth more than a decent, brand-new, car.

Source: B&O (YouTube)

HP has a Star Wars-branded notebook because of course they do

HP Star WarsIt was just yesterday that we we talking about Star Wars-branded everything seems to be on the way and sure enough, another day, another product. This one… looks pretty awesome though, a Star Wars notebook from HP that should warm the heart of any Jedi. Everything from the packaging (internal and external) is decorated with Star Wars imagery and will probably never be thrown away – unlike every other laptop box ever. This extends to the notebook itself, which has Stormtroopers and other iconic figured everywhere that isn’t the screen (though that can be taken care of with the right wallpaper). As for specs – HP will be launching this notebook this month with a range of specifications and it’ll start at R12,200, though this is a price conversion for the EMEA region.

Source: Engadget

The DoD’s TALOS system should be revealed come 2018

Hollywood has a lot to answer for but if they actually managed to give us working battle suits, like the TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit) then we’ll forgive them just about anything. The TALOS project has been around since 2013, when it caused a stir by claiming that the Department of Defence in the States was building Iron Man. Whether that’s actually possible or not, the DoD thinks it is. So much so that we’ve got a date for a working prototype – 2018. We don’t expect it to be able to fly but as a ground-based battlefield augment? Yeah, that could work.

Source: Digital Trends


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