African Futures event will host New Dimensions Virtual Reality Exhibition


And now for something completely different. The Goethe Institute in Johannesburg has been known to do some interesting things, like put on digital presentations of Faust.  So you have to realise that this… isn’t going to be normal.

The Institute will be playing host to the African Futures festival, a simultaneous event that will take place in Johannesburg, Lagos in Nigeria and Nairobi in Kenya. That’s be unusual enough but part of the event, which will be taking place from 28 to 31 October this year, will be a little something called the New Dimensions Virtual Reality Exhibition.

This is an exhibition presented in VR, obviously, and attendees will get a change to experience thirteen different short films, documentaries and entertainment shorts in virtual reality. That’s our main motivation for wanting to attend, certainly.

Also on the card if you’re a more artistic sort?  How about “…artistic expression in literature, fine arts, performance, music, film and various digital formats”. Sounds good, though you’ll still find us in the VR section, thanks.


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