Something that looks a lot like Burnout could be on the way soon


If you’re a fan of arcade racing then there’s one name that stands high on the list for the best racing game ever made – Criterion Games. Criterion were responsible for the Burnout series, including the incredible Burnout Paradise, which merged split-second reaction times with crashing as a game mechanic (I miss my Aftertouch Takedowns). Criterion were, following the release of Paradise, moved over to the Need for Speed series and it’s been seven years since the last Burnout.

But that wait for more finely-tuned vehicular combat might be almost over – Criterion’s founders recently left the studio to form a new outfit called Three Fields Entertainment and they took a few people along with them when they did. Now Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry and the rest of the former Criterion devs are on track to make something that feels a lot like Burnout.

Shiny Red Something was the code-name for the original Burnout, so you can see why long-time fans have lost their collective minds. Especially since the studio involved was also involved in the original series. It might not have the Burnout sticker on the box but it’s been so long that we’re not phased about the branding. Although… now that franchise owner Electronic Arts has some competition for the Burnout crown, we expect to see them announcing a reboot or a sequel any day now.

And if you’re confused about what all the fuss is about, just hit play on the video below.


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