Light Start – Apple Doom, Batman returns, McGuyver returns, Daimler trucks and a laser razor?


The world has too much time on its hands – Here’s Doom running on an Apple Watch

Logically speaking we knew this was a possibility, we just didn’t think that anyone would actually do it – Someone’s gone and put FPS grandfather Doom on the Apple Watch. Why? It was a way to test out Apple’s native apps function in watchOS 2. Plus, it’s freaking Doom. The collection of developers involved managed to get the venerable shooter working, with even the touchscreen controls from the Watch responding – though anyone actually trying to play the game on their wrist will need the patience of a saint in order to get to the end (of the first level) in this quick-and-dirty hack. Still, Doom makes the jump to yet another platform.

Source: Lior Tubi (YouTube)

Batman will return by end October (but will that be too late?) 

Batman Arkham KnightBatman: Arkham Knight was a fantastic game. As long as you played it on the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. PC gamers… were not so lucky, with the game being riddled with errors and being rendered nigh-unplayable. The problem was so bad that Warner Bros. halted sales of the PC version but #PCMasterRace gamers will have their time soon – by the end of October according to Warner. Downloadable content will also be supported as soon as the game goes on sale again but we can’t help but wonder – has Batman’s return to the PC been delayed for too long?

Source: Steam

McGuyver is getting a reboot (made from string, gum and a small racoon)

Photo by Moviestore/REX Shutterstock (1662811a)

Photo by Moviestore/REX Shutterstock


You’d think that this isn’t a tech story but you’d be wrong. McGuyver was a South African TV favourite back in the day and he could be on the way back, according to a report from Variety. A series reboot, exploring how McGuyer got his fantastic ability to get out of any sticky situation using the contents of his pockets, is in the works – though there’s no time-line on when we can expect the new series. How is this tech-related? Anyone who can build a working satellite from an old toaster and three-fifths of a tractor deserves their own tech category, okay?

Source: Variety

Daimler is testing its series-produced self-driving trucks on public roads

DaimlerSelf-driving trucks just got a little closer to being reality, with a recent test being conducted by Daimler in Germany. The test was of their Highway Pilot semi-autonomous driving system and the truck used was a production model Mercedes-Benz Actros. The testing ground? Autobahn 8 between Denkendorf and Stuttgart. And Daimler was confident enough in their test to put Minister-President of the state of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann and Daimler Executive Board member Dr Wolfgang Bernhard behind the wheel for the test. What does it all mean? That self-driving cars, even ones made from the current lot of vehicles on the road, are a real possibility, of course.

Source: Daimler

If you’re going to shave, might as well do it with lasers

SkarpThat’s the idea behind the Skarp Laser Razor, anyway. This Kickstarter project hopes to raise enough money to convince people that slicing hairs off their face using a handheld laser is a good idea – and to build the Skarp razor at the same time. We say ‘hopes’, they’ve topped $3 million in funding since the campaign went live and there are still a couple of weeks for backers to get in on the ground floor. If you’re keen, it’ll cost you about R2,850 (that the $190 backing tier, plus shipping to SA) to back the Skarp and get what could be the last razor you’ll ever need to buy. As far as we know, you don’t have to sharpen a laser. Hey, maybe this is how we eventually get light sabers.

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