iPhone 6s gets split open, 2GB of RAM confirmed


Those veteran gadget-torturers over at iFixit have taken the scalpel to a shiny new iPhone 6s to reveal its insides.

Apart from confirming that the battery is indeed a little smaller (although battery life remains unchanged, thanks to the more efficient A9 processor), we finally have official evidence that the iPhone 6s has the most RAM of any iPhone ever.

iPhone 6S splitThat’s right, we’re now looking at a whole 2GB of RAM – twice the amount found in the iPhone 6 – and the first RAM increase since the iPhone 5.

The RAM itself is the faster LPDDR4 variant too, though we’re pretty sure we can hear Android fans scoffing at the 2GB figure (which has floated around in lots of Android phones for more than a year).

Still, Apple’s tight control over its custom hardware and iOS software tends to make things more efficient, and iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users should notice everything running smoothly, with less full refreshes in persistent open apps.

Source: iFixit


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