Here is Xiaomi’s Mi 4c USB-C smartphone


Xiaomi has only just arrived in South Africa and while what we’ve seen is pretty damned good so far, what is on the way looks even better.

Xiaomi in China have detailed a new smartphone, the Mi 4c, which is bringing a spec bump to the product lineup as well as a splash of colour. So much so on that latter point that we’re almost convinced that Xiaomi was expecting an iPhone 6c to compete with this year.

Lacking competition on that front, Xiaomi’s Mi 4c comes in a selection of colours that match those available when the iPhone 5c was a thing so you can choose from pink to blue to something more sedate. But it is what’s on the inside that counts and inside is a 1.8Ghz six-core Snapdragon 808 from Qualcomm. And at least 2GB of RAM.

That’s just one configuration for this 5-inch HD-screened phone, which also counts 16GB of space as part of its specs list. There’s also a 3GB RAM/32GB storage edition on the way but both models will feature dual-SIM support (with LTE being supported for both SIM cards), a 3,080mAh battery and a 13MP/5MP camera combination. Oh, and it eschews microUSB in favour of a USB-C connector.

The bad news is that this new Xiaomi flagship is on sale in China only for the present. If the Mi 4c were available here in South Africa it’d come in at around R2,800 (at a direct conversion of the current price) for the 2GB RAM/16GB storage edition. For the overall specs, that’s not a lot of money at all.

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