Our best look at BlackBerry Venice yet comes by way of a leaked preview video


We’ll be the first to admit that at one point the idea that BlackBerry was making an Android smartphone was unbelievable. As the evidence mounted that their slider, the BlackBerry Venice, was that Android device that everyone was expecting we were gradually converted to believers until we reach today, where there are no longer any doubts. At all.

That’s because Canadian mobile operator Baka Mobile have posted a hands-on preview of the Android-powered BlackBerry, showing everything from the display and the Passport-like keyboard to the nearly stock Android Lollipop operating system. What they don’t show is a launch date but there’s talk of that as well.

The BlackBerry Venice, which should be taking on a different title pretty soon now, is expected to launch in November this year. Whether South Africa is included in that window is unknown, since the company hasn’t been saying much about Venice and their first foray into Android (officially) as yet. What we do know is that BlackBerry’s take on Android is looking like one of the best phones in the company’s recent history.

Source: Baka Mobile via The Next Web


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