Light Start: The cost of AVG, MS Band 2, Windows 10 on Xbox One, plus more


AVG’s latest terms of service change says they can sell your browsing data for money

AVG LOGO_3D_4 flags_FINAL_lens lettersWhat? A company offering a free product selling user information in order to fund the company/said free product? Say it isn’t so. Yeah, it is so, with antivirus maker AVG (who enjoy a fair bit of popularity in South Africa) making alterations to their terms of service – said changes coming into effect on 15 October – that clarify that the company will be allowed to use data generated by you. Specifically, to sell said data to advertisers. AVG says that personally identifying data won’t be used but your browsing and search history (altered to make you anonymous, it seems)… that’s officially going up for sale in less than a month.

Source: Wired

Microsoft’s Band 2 experiences a case of premature communication 

Microsoft Band 2Microsoft’s October event is looming large but at least one surprise has been spoiled. The company’s Microsoft Band 2 fitness wearable has been revealed early, in a leak caught by Microsoft Insider. Allegedly, anyway, as the images of the updated wearable haven’t been corroborated yet but the curved design and metallic additions match previous rumours of the device. No other specs have shown up besides what the Band 2 will look like so Microsoft may have something to say on 6 October after all.

Source: Windows Central

This is what the Xbox One will look like running Windows 10

If you’re reading this on the website then the video is above, if you’re looking at the newsletter then you’re just a click away from it – Microsoft have outed the system changes coming to the Xbox One when it starts running Windows 10 – in a manner of speaking. Xbox stalwarts Larry Hryb and Richard Levine are narrating what preview users will get once Windows 10 is doing most of the heavy lifting – On a visual level not a whole lot is changing but Microsoft are putting the pots and pans in a lot of different places. And they’ve bought some new utensils as well.

Source: Xbox (YouTube)

Here’s when you can expect Tesla’s Powerwall in SA. Also: Price

Tesla-PowerwallSo you want a Powerwall from Tesla, do you? If you’re going to be ordering it direct from America then you’re going to be dropping around R41,000 ($3,000) on a 7kW Powerwall alone. But if you’re looking closer to home then you’ll be able to get the Powerwall, as well as a 5kW inverter and a solar system with 12 photovoltaic solar panels for R225,000 (exchange-rate dependent) from a company called Dako Power. They’ll be bringing the Powerwall in in early 2016, in limited numbers.

Source: MyBroadband

Konami could be ditching all but Pro Evolution Soccer in the console space

MGS VKonami has been around since the very early days of home video game consoles but it looks as though that chapter might be drawing to a close. The company’s already supposed to be focusing on mobile games but a new report claims that they are pulling out of the console market almost entirely. The Metal Gear franchise has no new instalments planned, according to a report from French gaming site Gameblog, and soccer sim PES is the only console series that former heavyweight Konami will be developing for. If accurate, and most agree that it is, this report is a solid sign that the end is nigh for Konami as a traditional developer/publisher.

Source: Eurogamer


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