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Devices so desirable that you’ll forget what they’re actually supposed to be used for, gadgets so glitzy that their mere appearance will render you unable to use them and sentences so hyperbolic that they’ll strain credulity to its breaking point – that’s what you’ll find in the October issue of Stuff Magazine. 

But that’s not all. 

You’ll also find a science-fiction (but possibly fact) engine that may or may not be our ticket to exploring deep space (and which could lead to us all discarding fossil fuels for long-term travel, if the theory is sound). The Impossible Engine could be a civilisation-changer.

Micro-Drone-product-shotWe do love a good how-to and this month in Projects we give you a crash course (don’t say ‘crash’) in how to use a drone to take photographs. Delightful, stylish, sometimes expensive photographs. Step One: Learn to fly your drone properly before attaching the camera to it.

Nokia OzoWhat else? How about an in-depth look at Nokia‘s contribution to the world of virtual reality, a circular camera known as the Ozo. It’s going to be expensive enough that you won’t be able to afford one but those boffins making virtual reality presentation? Yeah, they’re going to love it.

Samsung Unpacked S6 Edge+ Note 5 (04)ShowMax, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, Dell’s Alienware 17, a place to go surfing in Wales (that is nowhere near the ocean), a whole slew of skateboard decks and Garmin’s Fenix 3 in a long-term test are just a small sample of what else is waiting inside this month’s edition of Stuff Magazine. Go on and get it.


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