Light Start: watchOS 2 delayed, Orion, Trident drone, bacon dating, and Attack on Titan


watchOS 2 will be arriving late (because it swallowed a bug)

WATCH EVENT HEADApple’s watchOS 2 was supposed to have launched yesterday alongside iOS 9 (oh yeah, that’s why WiFi is slow everywhere today – bear with us while we download all the things) but it’s going to be delayed, thanks to a bug that the Apple development team discovered in the software. The wristwear update now doesn’t have a set launch date, Cupertino having settled on ‘when it’s fixed’ as their time frame, and we’re okay with that. Apple also haven’t said what the bug actually is but it’d have to big to can a widescale launch on such short notice.

Source: Tech Crunch

NASA’s Orion spacecraft will fly with humans by 2023

Orion InteriorThe last time that we checked in on NASA’s Orion spacecraft, it was set to carry its first human passengers in 2021. We’re sad to say that the number has slipped, even as the spacecraft hits another milestone  – a fairly boring one, Orion has completed a “…rigorous technical and programmatic review, confirming continued support of the program and establishing NASA’s commitment to the program’s technical, cost, and schedule baseline.” The delay will see Orion taking its first human passengers by April 2023, though the door is open for it to happen sooner.  And you know what? We’re okay with that delay because Orion will one day take us to Mars and beyond – let’s let them get it right, yeah?

Source: NASA

OpenROV’s Kickstarted Trident is a submersible drone (and we must have one)

TridentDrones are in the sky and on the road (or ground) but we don’t give much thought to the sort that goes underwater. But it’s happened and it happened quickly – OpenROV have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a submersible drone designed to capture video and map the ocean floor. They were looking for $50,000, an amount that they managed to scoop in about 5 minutes after the campaign started. To this point the Trident has raised $372,237 and there are still 45 days to go. But it’ll cost you R16,000 to get your own Trident –  all of the early bird packages are gone at the moment. We’re not surprised.

Source: Kickstarter

When dating, a shared love of bacon is a good start. There’s now an app for that

Bacon AppTinder is an app that just about everyone knows exists. but Sizzl is something new. And it smells like bacon. Which isn’t shocking, since its a promotional app by meat company Oscar Mayer. But it’s also a complete dating app, albeit one the revolves around the most delicious meat known to mankind. Users fill out a bacon-themed questionnaire and they’ll be making their date choices on prospective partner’s feelings towards certain types of bacon but there are worse reasons to meat… er… meet new people. Right?

Source: via Digital Trends

This is your first look at Attack of Titan’s titan-killing gameplay

Stop whatever you’re watching and go and get your hands on Attack on Titan. Right now. An apocalyptic fantasy anime series known for its setting, storyline and excellent animation (as well as man-eating giants), you’ll watch until there’s nothing left – and then you’ll wait for the Season 2 release on tenterhooks. And while you’re waiting, you will want to play the upcoming Koei Tecmo game of the same name – and developer Omega Force have shown their first bits of gameplay of Attack on Titan. They’ve managed to stay true to the visual feel as well as the overall combat seen in the series. Of course, if you’re already a fan then you’ve finished watching the trailer already. Expect this PlayStation exclusive to arrive in 2016.

Source: Koei Tecmo (YouTube)


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