Welcome a new streaming contestant to the SA market, ONTAPtv.com


First there was Netflix. Then came Vidi, ShowMax, whatever Vodacom has hatched and now this – a new video-on-demand service for South Africa called ONTAPtv.com, an internet-based service from Hong Kong-based PCCW Global. And it launches… today.

ONTAPtvWhat is ONTAPtv.com? And who are PCCW Global? To answer the second one first, PCCW Global are the international arm of Hong Kong telecoms operator HKT. And ONTAPtv.com is apparently a new way to pick and choose your media consumption and then stream it, over a home (or public) internet connection or via an Android or iOS app.

ONTAPtv.com are billing themselves as an a la carte service, so prospective users will be able to choose between several packages, from all to (just about) nothing. Their options are split into Family (English and Afrikaans content for the whole family), TV Series (mostly English series’), and Movie (what it says on the tin) packages, which can be selectively subscribed to for a monthly fee. There are also special packages available for subscribers, as well as rentals which are valid for 48-hours from the time of payment.

Streaming will be achieved using ONTAPtv.com’s Adaptive Bit Rate tech but streaming doesn’t have to be the be-all and end-all. Users will also be able to download a show to a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone, where it will be available for 48 hours before being rendered inactive. You know, in case you need to go somewhere special in order to get your download going.

ONTAPtv.com’s pricing and package options are all available below and the service should be live right about… now. (Note: The official ONTAPtv.com website was still region-locking Stuff from viewing at the time of writing – now that the secret’s out… well… it’s still not active yet).

International “Packages”:
• Only R69pm for a choice of Family, TV Series or Movie Package
• Only R79pm for two packages of Family, TV Series or Movie Package
• Only R89pm for the Mega Pack which includes Family, TV Series & Movie Package

“Specials” Packages:
• Only R39pm for the African ONTAPtv Package
• Only R88pm for the Chinese Package
• Only R69pm for the CSI FightSports Package

“Select” movie rentals:
• Only R15 per movie for older blockbusters
• Only R25 per movie for new latest blockbusters

ONTAPtv.com’s head Lindsay Serv said in a statement that “Our comprehensive content lineup includes local SABC series, as well as leading international content from studios such as Warner Bros, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and BBC Worldwide, and we are also delighted to announce our sponsorship of projects of the Maxum Media Accelerator (the MMA) to produce local dramas which will be available later this year.”


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