Meet For Honor’s Oni, a Samurai who favours speed over bludgeoning power


One of Stuff‘s highlights from the plethora of announcements that came out of the E3 convention in Los Angeles was For Honor, a three-way multiplayer game that will see vikings, samurai and knights duking it out on the field of honour. They’re not quite contemporaries but it’s the ultimate fantasy combat – all that we’re missing are ninja units stealthing around the battlefield assassinating commanders (and Ubisoft better be bloody working on that).

Ubisoft are giving players unit overviews before the game launches and up now is the Oni, a Samurai warrior who relies on speed and the sharpness of his blade to triumph over better armoured (the knight) or more insane (the viking) enemies. Utilising armour made from leather and wood and his iconic sword, players will find that the Oni has an advantage in one-on-one combat.

When surrounded he may have a bit of a problem but that isn’t shown in this up-close look at the Oni’s abilities (and you better believe that he’s got a few sneaky options available). But in the hands of a skilled player, this Samurai unit has the potential to dominate a battlefield. We’re waiting on more but more than that, we’re waiting for For Honor to launch. It’s going to be great.


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