Microsoft’s October hardware event has an official date, venue


We’ve know for about a month that Microsoft was planning an October event this year, with an eye on announcing some new Windows 10-compatible hardware. We just didn’t know exactly when it would be. Until now, right down to the minute. Though these are Microsoft-minutes, so expect it to start early and late, at the same time.

Microsoft Oct Hardware InviteThe invitations are out and the date to watch out for is 6 October, kicking off at 9AM sharp. Which means all reasonable South Africans will probably be getting load-shed right about that time. The New York-based event doesn’t tell us a whole lot about what is in store but it’s a good bet that we’re going to be seeing some new Lumia phones and a few more things besides.

A Surface 4 tablet, a new Microsoft Band 2 and even an updated Xbox One console are a possibility for the October event, though in the latter case it’s much more likely that we’re going to see Windows 10 running on the Xbox One rather than all-new hardware.

Stick with Stuff, we’ll be bringing you all of the details from New York on the day.

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