Get your race on early with the Need for Speed closed beta


Need for Speed is on its way back, with the racing title launching without any subtitles this time around. And it’s looking like it’s harking back to the days of Underground, where the Need for Speed franchise was at its height. And you can get in on the (hopefully) triumphant return early, if you’re keen.

The game’s official website has launched a registration page which is taking on applications for participation in a closed beta for the upcoming Need for Speed report. Prospective gamers on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One can sign up for the beta, though that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to be included in the test. That’s why it’s called a closed beta, after all.

Applications for the test are being accepted until 25 September, though sign-ups could be region-locked. The US, Japan, Europe and Canada are regions where the beta will definitely be taking place and if your EA account is from one of those locations… we won’t tell if you don’t.

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