Apple’s Watch gets a few new flavours, watchOS 2 update due next week


First off, if you own an Apple Watch then it’s about to get better. Next week. Apple’s watchOS 2 will be launching on 16 September. That’s the same time as the iOS 9 update for your iPhone so don’t expect internet traffic to be working for anyone that day.

And you’re going to want that watchOS 2 upgrade, because it’s bringing new watch faces, improved sensor usage for developers (which translates to better-equipped apps for all of us) and native apps for the trendy wristwear. There is, of course, more.

Apple Watch EventIf you’re one of those people who lusted after the gold Apple Watch but didn’t have the bajillions of Rands needed to import one onto South Africa, we’ve got good news for you. Sorta.

Apple have also revealed new colours for their new wallet-destroying models, so you’ll be able to pick up an Apple Watch Sport in Gold or Rose Gold, to match your iPhone. The colours apply to the 38mm and 42mm versions of the Watch but there’s no actual gold at a discount price. Bummer.

The stock Apple Watch will also be appearing in something called (Product) Red, with (Product) Red and (Product) Blue wristbands also announced for the Watch and the Sport. Bands are quite numerous, there are at least eleven new bands on the way. Not counting the new leather bands created by fashion brand Hermes – more details on those will follow later.

And then there are the apps. Apple showed off a few: GoPro have an app that will display what you’re filming as it happens, so  you can watch yourself flub that vert-ramp landing because you’re staring at your wrist in wonder, and Facebook Messenger will be on your arm as well. There are too many other good ones to mention at this point but Apple’s Watch just kicked it up a notch all-round.



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