Sony’s Xperia Z5 might just be packing the world’s first 4K smartphone screen


Rumours. You’ve got to love rumours.

Everything from the Galaxy S6 Edge+ to the as yet unannounced iPhone 6S was supposedly going to pack a 4K screen – yet none of them did.

But, that might be about to change, at least according to a leak picked up on the Sony Georgia Facebook page (which has since gone missing).


XperiaBearing in mind that the page isn’t an official one (always a good start where leaks are concerned), if the specs are true then we can expect the alleged top-end Z5, branded ‘Premium’, to be packing a whopper of a 5.5in display, packed with enough pixels to make ten Nintendo classics.

Not only that, but the page also reckons we might see not one, but three new Xperia-line handsets at IFA in Berlin come next week.


4K resolution is pretty darn beautiful: you only have to get a glimpse of one of Samsung’s curved Ultra HD TVs to understand it’s the Next Best Thing to real life. And how would that translate onto a mid-size phablet screen? As 808ppi.

Yep – don’t adjust your sets. If the rumour is true, the Z5 Premium would haul a hefty 808 pixels for every one of its 5.5 inches.

As a comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+ has 515ppi and LG’s crisp G4 screen packs in 538ppi.


We’ll hold our hands up and admit that we weren’t expecting to see the first 4K-er branded by Sony – but, if the leak is accurate, it perhaps shouldn’t be such a surprise, given its prowess in the home entertainment department.

Only Sony knows how such a high pixel density looks on a mobile handset – but given that the human eye can’t discern individual pixels above 300ppi, it might be worth questioning the necessity of such resolution beyond headline statistics, not least because there’s been no word on the price of any 4K-toting Z5, as yet.

With no official release nor update from the Japanese manufacturer, it looks like the rest of us will have to wait until IFA to find out whether the Z5 really will be the bearer of brilliant 4K.

Source:  TechRadar


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