We’ll be seeing Sony’s newest Xperia next week


It’s almost time to put all of the Sony rumours to rest, with the Japanese smartphone maker teasing the reveal of what looks to be a new Xperia flagship on 2 September this year – just around the time this year’s IFA conference in Berlin kicks off.

Sony’s blurry teaser promises ‘greater focus’, no doubt touting the camera in the upcoming handset-to-be-revealed later. We do know how Sony like their smartphone cameras and they have reason, to be totally fair.


Whether or not the handset is in fact the Xperia Z5 can’t be confirmed yet but with all the rumours of the handset’s existence, they’ve be silly not to at least show it to us. Odds are also good that we’ll get a better look at Sony’s Xperia M5 at the same time and then there are also rumours of an oversized Xperia Z5, with either a Plus or Ultra suffix, being on the way as well.

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