iPhone 6s will have a 12MP camera, according to inside source


With Apple’s next iPhone event looming, the rumour mill has spun into overdrive. The latest info-nugget to spill out of the supply chain concerns the iPhone 6s/7’s camera, which a source claims will use a 12MP sensor.

The current iPhone 6 uses an 8MP sensor and does so very well. Despite virtually all rival phones boasting substantially more megapixels, we still rate the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ cameras as among the best in the business. Essentially, Apple does more with 8MP than most manufacturers can with 16MP.

iPhone 6 CameraAccording to the source, who claims to work somewhere in Apple’s supply chain, the company is ordering its suppliers to make five-element lenses suitable for 12MP sensors. He or she says the components are in the mass production stage now, with production on schedule, and also that Apple has ordered a different, six-element lens to be built for a future device – the following iPhone, perhaps, or possibly the iPad Pro?

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus use a five-element lens (each element is a separate tiny plastic lens, essentially) but the source claims the new setup is a higher spec, designed to work with a more sensitive, higher quality sensor.

This new rumour fits in with a lot of the existing speculation and insider claims about the iPhone 6s’ camera. John Gruber, a longtime reliable source for Apple stories, predicted that the 6 to 6s would represent the biggest jump in camera quality in iPhone history, while back in May we heard the first rumours of a 12MP sensor replacing the current 8MP sensor.

Source: Business Insider


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