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STUFF_Sep_90dpiYour gaming addictions for the next year (in the future we’re all Star Wars Battlefront fans), the Pebble Time, what to watch the World Cup on, beating up action cams and fiddling with drones – these are just a few of the highlights in Stuff Magazine‘s spectacular September issue. 

But wait, there’s more! /billymays

Fallout 4We take a peek at the incredibly detailed Fallout 4, which promises to eat even more hours of your life than the previous two full releases (and that’s not counting the hours we’ve already invested in Fallout Shelter). We’re going to be building ALL the communities come launch day. Screw you bandit bastards, this is our town.

Ford BikeWe also explore just how easy it is to get into mountain biking, with and without shelling out massive great big wodges of cash for the priviledge. Wodges is a word, right? It is now. Screw it, we just want to hit some hills and get covered in mud.

Phantom CloseThere are more apps than you can shake a smartphone at, we play with everything from turntables to bottle openers to synthesisers and then there’s the Bluetooth speaker test, the DJI Phantom 3 reviewed and a bit of hands-on with Sony’s Xperia Z4 Tablet for you.

That sounds like a damned good spring into Spring to us. As long as the weather plays ball and we don’t get some surprising late-season snow, that is. And even then, we’ll just go spring-snowboarding. At least all the tech is here already, if not the pollen count.


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