Microsoft has an October event planned – Surface 4 and more?


Microsoft’s had a pretty good year so far. The Xbox One is doing well, Windows 10 launched to a generally positive reception (even if the user agreement is unclear) and they’re expected to unveil new hardware soon. How soon? October sounds about right.

The exact date in October isn’t known but Microsoft are expected to be hosting their own hardware reveal once Apple and the rest of the usual suspects have their go out of their systems. There’s some idea of what Microsoft has in store for users, with the Surface 4 being expected, as well as the company’s two new Lumia phones. Redmond’s fitness band might get an update, to the Band 2, and there could be even more besides.

There’s talk of an updated Xbox One console, though that’s also though to be quite unlikely, and then there’s the Surface rumours. Microsoft was thought to be launching a Surface Mini some time ago and there’s speculation about a Surface superphone

Everything’s really speculation at present, especially the information around the Surface 4 and other possible surface products. The Lumia devices… we know more than Microsoft would like already. Expect more information to surface (ha) before Redmond officially announces their event and expect us to be on top of it as it appears.

Source: via The Verge


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