Light Start – Solar airports, Android Blackberry, Alienware 18, Hail To The King Baby, and Google


Psst. Hey Eskom. Check this out – it’s a solar-powered airport

Solar Airport

Everybody needs electricity these days, now it’s just a question about where it comes from. In India, at Chochin International Airport, electricity comes from sunlight. And the 46,150 solar panels that help to generate around 12MW of power needed to keep the whole airport running. Gee, we wonder which other country could benefit from a similar initiative…?

Source: Cochin International Airport via Engadget

Feast your eyes on BlackBerry’s Android smartphone

Android BBWe’ve been keeping tabs on BlackBerry lately because they’ve been acting weird. They won’t come out of their room, are uncommunicative and seem to have made some weird new friends – like that Android fella. And now their appearance is changing. Maybe it’s just a phase, perhaps it’s something more serious. These new Venice phone images don’t give us any clues one way or the other but there’s definitely a change afoot.

Source: @evleaks via Gizmodo

Aliens have landed again (and they’re at least 18)

We do like our product reveals with a bit of extra cheese, so the announcement video for the Alienware 18 is right up our alley. So to speak. Dell’s gaming brand hasn’t had a new Alienware addition for some time so the 18.4-inch, dual GeForce 970M, Core i7 portable (for a given value of portable) gaming setup is a welcome sight.

Source: Dell

The King has a new home with Gearbox

The King, BabyMaybe you knew, maybe you didn’t, but one of gaming’s more recognisable characters – Duke Nukem – was the subject of an ownership dispute. A dispute between Duke Nukem creator 3D Realms and Gearbox Software, a dispute that has now ended with Gearbox taking full control of the King. Er… Duke. The specifics, such as they are, are in the link below but perhaps now Gearbox can make a Duke Nukem game that doesn’t take more than a decade to arrive. And which doesn’t suck, horribly.

Source: Gearbox Software

And on a more serious note… 

Google LogoPop on over to Re/Code to catch Kara Swisher’s essay on the thinking behind Google’s change from Google to Alphabet. Is the reinvention more about the company getting too old than it is about them getting too large? You can be the judge there but Kara has a few thoughts in that direction.

Source: Re/Code


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