Apple’s iPad Pro reportedly sighted in analytics logs


Everyone is talking about it except Apple. We’re referring to the iPad Pro, the oversized iPad that has long been rumoured but never confirmed. Not officially, at any rate. And now it’s been seen again.

iPad Pro Render LeakExcept ‘seen’ isn’t the right word. Apple’s apparent 13-inch tablet hasn’t been spotted in the er… flesh, it has been sighted in analytics logs as a device called the iPad 6,8. Analytics firm Appsee claims to have turned up the references to the new iPad in their user logs, which identify the iPad Air 2 as the iPad 5,3 and iPad 5,4 (for the WiFi-only and cellular-capable versions respectively).

An increased screen resolution, compared to current Apple slates, was also seen by the analytics company. The unknown tablet will arrive with a 2,048 x 2,732 screen res, a considerable jump on the iPad Air 2’s 2,048 x 1,536 resolution.

We still can’t be sure that this is Apple’s iPad Pro but with the amount of information floating around about the apparent hardware, it’s hard not to see this as yet another confirmation that it is indeed coming. It shouldn’t be long before we know, officially, whether Apple are going big this year. The company is said to be planning their reveal event for 9 September this year, so we’ve only got a little while to wait before they tell us everything.

Source: Apple Insider


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