Light Start – Possible iPhone 6 launch, Blackphone 2 privacy, Intel’s Skylake, Edgars Connect and the Batmobile


The iPhone 6S’ launch date possibly revealed

iPhone 6Apple’s good at keeping secrets but you can’t keep the whole world in the dark all the time. News out of Germany claims that two of the country’s carriers are privy to the new iSmartphone’s launch date and that date is 18 September. Sounds about right, though there’s doubt about whether it’ll be a week earlier or later than the German leak.

Source: Business Insider

SIM-centric Edgars Connect stores to explode in 2015

EdgarsEdgars (and Edcon in general) have never been shy about offering shoppers mobile phones and devices but now they’re going all-in, with a company called Blue Label , to launch a series of Edgars Connect stores. The stores, of which there are 22 so far, will sell anything related to to SIM cards (including drones) and there are 200 of them planned by year-end.

Source: MyBroadband

Arkham Knight gamers get Keaton’s Batmobile, with Bale’s Tumbler to follow

TumblerOne of the highlights of Batman: Arkham Knight was the Batmobile, that incredibly manoeuvrable tank capable of ripping holes in walls and drones. Warner Bros. have launched the 1989 Batman Batmobile as downloadable, made famous by Michael Keaton, and also revealed that The Dark Knight‘s Tumbler will be launching as DLC in September. And yes, it comes in black.

Source: Polygon

A little look at how Intel’s Skylake processors adds speed to your machine

SkylakeIf you have a technical and enquiring mind, as well as a few minutes to spare, then wander over to Ars Technica‘s Peter Bright’s look at how Intel’s new Skylake processors shave previous split seconds from its functioning while still managing to more energy efficient than previous CPU generations.

Source: Ars Technica

The Blackphone 2 will keep all of your secrets

BlackPhoneYou may not know about, or remember, Silent Circle’s privacy-centred Blackphone but it’s done well enough since last year’s launch to warrant a sequel. This time around the Silent OS will allow users to create virtual phones, access Google’s services (this is a new thing for Blackphone) and it’ll contain Silent Circle’s privacy software as well as an across-the-board hardware upgrade. Pre-orders are now open.

Source: Digital Trends


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