Here’s a Speedo you can actually wear in public


Some of us have, in the past, been guilty of the crime of grape-smuggling. And that’s okay. If you were attending school at the time and it was a sporting event, you’re excused. If you are or were attending any kind of swim club event, you’re also good. If you are at at a public pool or beach and there wasn’t something like a triathlon running at the time, you’re going to burn.

Misfit ShineFriends don’t let friends wear Speedos in public, is what we’re saying. Except for this one. This is the Misfit Speedo Shine and it’s designed to be worn in the water.

Very recently announced and hitting the market, internationally, from September this year, the Speedo Shine is a relative of Misfit’s other creation, the Shine. But the body-hugging company’s branding means that this fitness tracker, which has been made from lightweight (it weighs less than 10 grams) anodised aluminium, is waterproof up to 50 metres. And you can think of it as a swim-specific fitness tracker, something that we’ve been looking for for ages.

That’s because the Speedo Shine from Misfit is able to keep tabs on steps, calories and distance – all normal fitness tracker things – but it can also do the latter in the water while tracking how many laps you’ve covered. The Speedo Shine will function as a sleep tracker as well. There’s a swim-specific app, called Speedo Fit, for Misfit’s latest misfit and it has been developed by Aqualabs, who have made swimwear for Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps in the past – so you know that this wearable’s pedigree is solid.

When the Misfit Speedo Shine launches it’ll set users back some $80, or R1,050 based on current exchange rates. Even allowing for the rate of exchange doing something incredibly stupid between now and September, Misfit’s waterproof tracker should still prove pretty darned affordable. And versatile. We can’t wait to get one. And then learn how to swim properly.


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