The wait for Project Ara just got longer


Project Ara, that modular smartphone from Google, has the potential to completely change the smartphone game but in order to do that it needs to launch. The last we heard there was to be a limited launch of the modular tech in Puerto Rico this year but that has now officially changed.

Project Ara won’t be making it to Puerto Rico after all, according to a tweet from the experimental tech division (spotted by The Verge). Instead the launch date for the public seeing Ara in action has been delayed to 2016 and the location has been shifted to the States proper. Where? They’re not saying at the moment but that’s because the decision has yet to be made.

Google have demoed Ara, with the best look we’ve had taking place at the company’s I/O event in May this year. But at the demo it was apparent that there was more work to be done before a true modular phone can be released onto the market. This sort of game-changer demands that Google don’t screw it up as the concept will have to be great at launch in order to gain traction over established handsets. They seem to be taking their time making sure that Project Ara is ready and we’re okay with that – a phone where we can pick, choose and swap components should be worth the wait.

Source: Project Ara (Twitter)


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