Specs for rumoured Microsoft Surface Mobile smartphone er… surface


Microsoft bought Nokia’s phone division in 2014, a move that saw the birth of Microsoft Mobile and the continuation of the Lumia brand. Since then, not much has happened but we’re expecting something to crop up any day now with details of Windows 10 mobile devices seemingly around the corner.

But there’s something else afoot and it starts with a Surface. Reports claim that Microsoft isn’t just going to be releasing Lumia smartphones, there’s apparently also a Surface handset to look forward to.

A Surface handset, which would be related to Redmond’s Surface tablets, has been speculated about for at least a few years and now a new leak offers us all some specs for this handset – which is reportedly code-named Project Juggernaut Alpha.

According to Windows Mobile Power User, the unconfirmed Surface handset will arrive sporting a 5.5-inch AMOLED 1,440 x 2,560 display, Intel Atom x3 CPU, 3GB/4GB of RAM (variants with each are supposedly on the way), and users will have the option to pick between 64GB and 128GB of storage.

There’s also supposed to be a 21MP rear/8MP front camera configuration in the works (with Carl Zeiss lenses all-round), a Surface Pen, wireless charging and USB-C crammed into an aluminium/magnesium chassis, according to WMPU‘s source. The power-handset will run Windows Mobile 10 and will be marketed as the Surface Mobile, if the report is accurate.

Juggernaut Alpha

Whether the report is accurate is the big question right now. It seems plausible enough, especially if Microsoft is going to be launching a handset with the Surface branding. The Surface lineup seems to think that there’s no kill like overkill, after all. If Microsoft does have this up their sleeves then it’ll be a huge step up from their supposed Lumia flagships but we can’t say that we’d be sad to see a Surface Mobile hit the market. Except when it comes to the price.

Source/Image: WMPowerUser


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