Bloopers: Shapshak calls Vinny Lingham Vinny Yola


In case you’ve been living under a technological rock, Vinny Lingham is one of South Africa’s most successful technology entrepreneurs. He made his fortune – figuratively and literally – with incuBeta, personal website creation company Yola (which competes with the likes of Weebly and Wix) and Gyft, which has the support of Google Ventures.

Vinny has been in tech since 2003, founding Yola in 2007. He has since moved from South Africa to San Francisco, where he serves on the board of several companies when he’s not being a CEO.

In case you’re wondering what that all has to do with the blooper video above, taken from a chance meeting between Vinny Lingham and Stuff‘s own Toby Shapshak in the street at South By Southwest in 2013, here it is. Toby has a chance to either redeem himself or call Vinny another embarrassing name later on today. We’re hoping for the former, of course. No pressure.


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