What is the Huawei Honor 7i and what is wrong with its camera?


Huawei has been making waves in the smartphone world, having recently and for the first time dislodged Microsoft to take third place in the world smartphone market rankings, and their handsets have been steadily impressing. So we’re obviously keeping a closer eye on them these days and it has paid off. Sort of.

Honor 7iA new handset from the Chinese company called the Huawei Honor 7i seems to be on the way, if a handset spotted on the Chinese regulatory board’s website (TENAA) is any indication. Some of the specs for the Honor 7i are known and we’ll get to that in a bit but its the camera that we’re interested in. And by ‘interested in’, we mean ‘confused by’.

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The images from TENAA show what looks to be a sliding rear camera that pops up, like an integrated flash or one of those mini-cameras in a Samsung TV. Why it does so is a mystery but it’s being speculated that the slide-up camera will function both as a rear and a front camera, taking the whole selfie trend to a very strange place indeed.

Whatever the purpose of the odd camera setup, Huawei’s planning on telling the world soon just exactly what they were thinking. In the meantime, reports peg the Huawei Honor 7i’s other specs at a Snapdragon 615 processor and either 2GB or 3GB of RAM. Knowing Huawei, there will be models with each configuration. We should know all the details come 20 August though, when the official reveal is happening.

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