Another day, another Samsung leak – The Galaxy S6 Edge+ leaked by Samsung France


This should be the last bit of before-the-event information that we see from Samsung’s upcoming phones. But that’s only because the official announcement, at Unpacked 2015, is just around the corner. In the meantime, however, Samsung have done some leaking of their own with the premature announcement of pre-orders for the Galaxy S6 Edge+. Oh, yes, and they’ve also outed the official naming convention for the oversized Edge.

The leak comes by way of Samsung France, which has since rectified the mistake but the leak has been preserved (above) in screenshot form. Once it’s on the internet, it never really leaves. Remember that, everyone. The leak details some of the pre-order offers, including the pre-order period which suggests that Samsung will have the S6 Edge+ ready for pre-orders the week after the announcement. How nearly Apple of them.

Edge LeakBut wait, there’s more! Website Phone Probe claims to have some new info regarding software features for the Galaxy S6 Edge+, with the Edge portion being important here. The original S6 Edge allowed users to populate that edged section of screen with up to five contacts, apparently a second section will now be possible. This new section will house up to five apps as well. Oh, and Samsung’s going to be adding more shortcuts to interact with your favourite contacts. So much for that on-stage reveal, then…

There should still be a surprise or two in store at Unpacked so stick around. We’ll have all the official details direct from Samsung’s mouth tomorrow evening, live in New York.

Source: Forbes, Phone Probe


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