This could be your first clear look at the iPad Mini 4


When it comes to Apple devices, the look of the thing is just as important as how it works. If we were unkind we could say that the look is more important than how the device runs but that’s not fair – Apple’s mobile devices are not slouches in any department.

It’s looks that we’re focusing on right now as a CAD file, which claims to show Apple’s upcoming iPad Mini 4, has surfaced online. This could be our first real look at Apple’s mini tablet hardware, ahead of the September reveal anyhow, and it’s a lot more detailed than our usual leaks. Visually, anyway.

Most of what we get here is a look at the overall design as well as a few dimensions – the iPad Mini 4 is set to clock in at 6.1mm thick. That’s quite the drop over the last outing, where the iPad Mini 3 measured 7.5mm. In terms of ports and the rest, there don’t look to be many surprises heading out way.

Unfortunately there are no details about the components that will live inside this shell, and that’s really where we’re expecting the major changes – if any – to show up. Stay tuned, Apple won’t keep a lid on their devices forever.

Source: @onleaks (YouTube)


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