Multichoice launching a dedicated (but temporary) Star Wars channel


If you’d asked any South African Star Wars nerd whether they thought this day would come, back in the day, they would have laughed in your face. Not so much because the idea of a dedicated Star Wars channel was unthinkable but more because the thought of more than four TV channels was once in the realm of impossibility. But the idea that George Lucas’ creation would one day spawn its own channel would have seemed equally impossible.

But that’s just what has happened, with M-Net and Multichoice announcing a new pop-up channel, which will be available on Channel 109 on DStv Premium, that will spring into existence from 31 August. The channel will live for just two weeks prior to expiring on 13 September this year but in that time, all six of the existing Star Wars films will be broadcast.

Not in any sort of infinite loop, obviously. There will also be “…animated features and series, featurettes, documentaries and other delights from the Star Wars universe”, according to Multichoice. But there’s also something for the serious binge-watchers, the entire movie series will be broadcast on Sundays so you’ll have two chances to make yourself bleary-eyed for the week ahead by watching Episodes 1 through 6 in a single sitting.

If you find yourself asking why Multichoice is doing this then you’re probably not their target market but we do have an answer. It’s likely to drum up excitement ahead of the 18 December release of The Force Awakens, the first Disney-helmed Star Wars motion picture to release.


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