Take to the skies with Star Wars Battlefront’s aerial combat


We’ve seen some amazing footage from Star Wars Battlefront, with the Hoth combat from this year’s E3 in particular giving us hope for the future of the game series. And now there’s a new hope, in the form of the aerial footage from Battlefront‘s upcoming Squadron Mode

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Squadron Mode looks like it will do previous space combat titles like Roque Squadron proud with regards to the selection and handling of ships, the authentic feel of the dogfight chatter and the sound effects. We’d also be lying if we said that the gorgeous looks aren’t influencing us a little.

With X- and A-Wings, TIE fighters and the ever-popular Gold Leader, as well as a few iconic lines, Battlefront is shaping up to be a Star Wars fan’s dream come true. Even if they weren’t gamers to start off with, they probably will be by the time Star Wars Battlefront lands on 17 November this year.

Source: EA (YouTube)


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