Windows 10 for Xbox One (yes, really) lands November


Microsoft’s going all-in with the cross-platform abilities of their Windows 10 operating system, by the simple expedient of releasing it for… everything. Windows 10 is already out for tablets and desktops and notebooks and things, with mobile phones and even the Hololens being future receivers. And, come November this year, the Xbox One will be getting Windows 10 as well.

We’ve known this has been coming, with a redesigned dashboard for the console being announced earlier this year. That new dash will be powered by Windows 10, according to the company’s Gamescom announcements, though it’s going to require a very large patch to be downloaded from Microsoft in order to update all the things.

That’s going to suck for South African users, who currently have a lot of updates to deal with from the Xbox One right now. But it should pay off at the end of the day, with the planned UI update looking a whole lot easier to navigate and explore what’s going on outside the whole gaming thing we usually use ours for.

Microsoft are bringing in a few other updates, like backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One – through their Games with Gold program – and Cortana support, which might be a reason to finally use that Kinect camera properly. There’s also a DVR function coming to the console, though it’s unlikely we’ll have any use for it at home unless local television providers pull a serious bit of finger.

Source: Xbox Wire


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