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The specs for Microsoft’s new Lumia flagships, thought to be the standard-bearers for their Windows 10 for mobile operating system, pitched up towards the end of last month but imagery to go with the report er… didn’t. But nothing stays a secret on the internet for long, so we’re not really surprised that images of the Lumia 950 XL have leaked.

The Lumia 950 XL, which if you remember your last leak is codenamed Cityman, has been seen and Windows Central is very adamant that the images you see here are real and, more importantly, recent. The unauthorised pics don’t confirm everything that we’ve heard about Microsoft’s new high-end devices but there’s enough on the nose to make the rest of it seem very likely.

Lumia 950 RearThe 2K screen, 5.7-inches in this case, is in evidence and we can also see that Microsoft are splashing out on a 20MP camera sensor, triple-LED flash and one of the edge view shots also reveals that there’s a USB Type C port doing the charging. What isn’t going to be in the final phone is the bulky casing, that’s either there for protection or for disguise. Or both. A polycarbonate body is in the offing for the production model of Cityman.

With this much info running parallel to previous leaks, we’re fairly confident that the rest will be borne out. That means a Snapdragon 808 for the Lumia 950, a Snapdragon 810 for the 950 XL we see here, and 3GB of RAM and 3,000mAh or better batteries for the pair of them. As we said before, sign us up. These are Windows phones we wouldn’t mind spending some time with.

Source: WPXAP via Windows Central


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