Hisense is taking over Sharp’s TV range in the Americas


Sharp’s TV line hasn’t been doing all that well, particularly in the Americas where competition is extremely fierce. The likes of Samsung and LG, like most other places, make penetrating the TV market a tough proposition. It seems that Sharp, in that region at least, has thrown in the towel. Their brand will live on though, thanks to Chinese company Hisense which seems to be everywhere these days.

HiSense TVAccording to Hisense,the company  “…will be purchasing all equity and assets of Sharp’s TV factory in Mexico for $23.7 million with rights to use the “Sharp” brand name and all its channel resources in both North and South American regions.” They’re expecting to use that relatively tiny purchase to increase their revenues in North and South America to the tune of $2 billion.

Hisense certainly isn’t lacking in confidence then. What does this all mean for us here at home? Possibly nothing, as they’ve only got rights to use the Sharp brand over in the States but we can expect to see some of the tech making its way back here eventually.

Hisense is expected to make more details about this acquisition known on 4 August, so we might even be in for some surprising news on the TVs front.

Source: Hisense via Engadget


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