Ten minutes of Total War: Warhammer, filled with Greenskins, spiders and bat-goblins


The Total War series has long been founded on realism when it comes to military engagements, unit strengths and weaknesses and the historical information that comes along with those bloody flashpoints in human history. Developer Creative Assembly are also known for making the Total War games some of the best-looking real-time strategy titles in existence.

So it would make sense to turn over the lore-filled world of tabletop game Warhammer to the Total War team in a convoluted logic kind of way. The universe, filled as it is with disparate units, iconic characters and large-scale combat, is perfectly suited to the Total War engine. And Creative Assembly have shown off just how suited with this scripted look at Total War: Warhammer as it stands now.

The ten-minute look at the Battle of Black Fire Pass, which has Emperor Karl Franz and Orc Warboss Grimgor Ironhide pitting their respective forces against each other, is a very detailed look at what players can expect from Total War: Warhammer when it launches at a yet-to-be-specified date.

The differences between the Empire and Greenskin armies are marked, with everything from movement animations to relative weights and skills sets being noticeable and the customary small touches are also apparent. Whether its an Empire front line individually bracing against an Orc charge or the way that the oversized spider units chew up and spit out inedible bits of armour (once they’ve finished extracting the soldier from them), Creative Assembly are well on the way to releasing something great for Warhammer fans.


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