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We got our first close-ish look at the Ferrari 488 GTB in February this year (though it’s never close enough unless you’re in the driver’s seat) and now, a few short months later, the Italian company has pulled back the curtain on the 488 Spider.

What’s different? Do you really care? It’s an extremely attractive piece of rolling iron, even if the official unveiling video puts us in mind of the beginning of an Eddie Izzard gig. If you really must have specifics, then the Ferrari 488 Spider is a tad slower than the 488 GTB in just about every metric except style.

GizMag has the 488 Spider trailing its hardtop cousin by a handful of kilometers and/or seconds, whether it’s the 0 to 200km/h run (8.7 seconds, a smidge slower than the GTB), or the top speed (3km slower at 325km/h). Not that’s you’d worry about mere numbers while blasting around with the 488 Spider’s turbocharged 3.9 litre V8 at your beck and call.

Though we know what it looks like and what it’ll feature, the 488 Spider’s first official public appearance will be in September this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. We’ll be the ones drooling on the carpet in front of the Spider.

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