Nokia’s take on virtual reality is here – And it’s a camera


We were expecting Nokia to be revealing something virtual reality-related this week but we weren’t expecting this. Thoughts of a headset were whirling through our heads but instead the company has taken the wraps off Ozo, a video camera aimed at those intent on making their own VR experiences for consumption.

The camera isn’t for the average user though, it has been created for professional film and photography folks. It’s capable of recording stereoscopic 3D as well as spatial audio, using eight synchronised camera lenses and eight mics. Nokia will also be packing the Ozo with a software package that will make the resulting footage easy enough to transfer to the likes of the Oculus Rift and other VR solutions.

But we’re not expecting to see it on street corners and parks any time soon, unless there’s a serious VR enthusiast out there. According to The Verge the Ozo will set buyers back something in the “mid-five figures” – so expect pricing for a single camera to hover around the R630,000 mark here in SA.

The Ozo should be releasing before the end of this year, with exact pricing and the specs on the cameras involved to arrive before launch, but this is apparently a first step for Nokia. Expect more additions to a “…planned portfolio of digital media solutions from Nokia Technologies”.

Source: Nokia


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