Now that’s unusual – Meet Samsung’s newest monitor, capable of wirelessly-charging phones


Samsung have got an experimental turn of mind, often squishing two technologies together to create something different. Sometimes you end up with a device like the Galaxy K Zoom, a handset with identity issues, but then you might wind up with something like the company’s newly-revealed SE370-series of monitors.

The SE370, which will be available in 23.6-inch and 27-inch models, is a typical Samsung monitor in most respects but the company have included one interesting feature – the ability to wirelessly charge Qi-enabled devices. So you’d be able to charge your S6 Edge and a range of other devices, just by resting it on the monitor’s base.

Since that’s where we keep our phones anyway, relying on the flashing lights to catch our attention while working, having it charge from that location would be a major convenience.

Expect to see more of Samsung’s innovations, whether convenient or just odd, in the run-up to IFA 2015 in Berlin this September. We’ll be keeping an eye on things, as usual.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (YouTube)


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