MWEB announces Capped ASDL, FTTH price cuts


South African ISP MWeb have announced a wave of price cuts for some of their Capped ADSL packages as well as a range of the company’s FTTH (Fibre to the home) offerings, which are “…in line with what the market have been requesting and they are the start of some work we are doing to continue to make the Internet more accessible to all”, according to MWeb GM Carolyn Holgate.

In addition, the ISP has also announced five new FTTH packages, which cover the 10Mbps/20Mbps speed for the most part and which are priced accordingly. A 50GB cap on a 10Mbps line will set users back R680 per month, while a 500GB cap on the same line will run you R2000 per month.

Mweb FTTH New

MWeb’s price cuts on their existing products are quite extensive, with nine packages being tweaked with the prices wandering downwards. These packages cover the 20Mbps to 100Mbps range, starting (now) at R900 per month and climbing to a high of R2,400 per month. The faster your speed the more you will save, based on these price cuts, but MWeb have not included the installation fees (R1,710) in this collection of pricing. The discounts seem to apply to Telkom areas only and are contingent on a 24-month contract for new users, though those already receiving service from MWeb will be notified of their incoming price drop via email.

Mweb FTTH Cuts

Swinging back to their Capped ADSL products, MWeb’s price drop is in effect for monthly caps from 50GB (now R200pm) to 300GB (now R1000).

The 75GB, 100GB and 150GB packages all have R50 coming off their monthly fees, for respective monthly costs of R300, R400 and R550. On top of the price cuts, Capped DSL users will see night-time data (from midnight to 6AM) for the same value as their monthly cap added to their accounts. Looks like we’ve be spending some sleepless nights burning through data then.


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