Can your smartwatch play Half-Life? This one can


Smartwatches are supposed to be the doors to a new type of tech, where you can do some of your computing on your wrist without having to whip one of the many portable computers on your person out of your pocket. And one of those functions could be connected to gaming, if only someone could make it work properly.

While we have a few idea about how smartwatches and gaming could be linked (think VR), at least one person has gone for more traditional games. A chap by the name of Dave Bennet has gone and installed classic shooter Half-Life on an Android smartwatch and it actually works. In some instances, it works better than when we first installed it.

Bennet achieved this little wonder using an LG G Watch. an emulator and, of course, Half-Life. There are on-screen touch controls (though these are largely useless on a screen this size) and the software crashes from time to time but it’s Half-Life. On a freaking smartwatch. And, at up to 60fps, it really does work better on that old Pentium we first tried to install Valve’s classic title on back at the dawn of time.

Source: Engadget


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