Apple’s new iPhone won’t look much different from the last one


It’s an odd thing to think that a complete lack of changes would be newsworthy but in the world of tech that’s exactly the case. We’re so used to everything moving on, to bigger or better things, that when something stays unchanged we’re almost shocked.

iPhone 6SWe’re expecting a lot of changes from the new iPhone, whether it is called the 6s or the iPhone 7 (though the newest crop of images strongly suggests that Apple will be going with iPhone 6s for this one), but it seems that a visual update isn’t one of them.

At least that’s the impression we get from these images that purport to show the front panel of Apple’s new handset. As you can see, there are no major design changes at all, at least in the front section of the phone which looks to be the same as the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. There’s still a chance that Apple will do something remarkable with the rear panel, which we haven’t seen yet for the new phone, but given their propensity for that rear logo and little else, that’s quite unlikely.

Instead we’ll be seeing internal changes, like those camera updates and battery life tweaks. Not that Apple is really worried that a lack of visual frippery will hurt their sales – the company’s reportedly laid on extra handsets for year-end 2015, suggesting that they’re convinced that whatever they have in store will prove popular. Very, very popular. We’ll have to wait till September to see whether they’re right.



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