LG investing in flexible OLED screens for cars, phones


LG’s G Flex devices should have been a pointer that the company is after flexible displays in a big way and their latest investment route should put that beyond doubt. The company, according to Yohnap News, has announced that they will be ramping up production of their flexible OLED displays.

To achieve this LG will be investing some $90 million in the process, which will be used to create a new manufacturing plant in Gumi in South Korea. The specifics are not all that exciting but what LG intends for the plant and the resulting flood of flexible OLED panels is a little more so.

LG’s increased display output will be going towards smaller devices. Smartphones and wearables are two that were mentioned but the company will be getting their panels into motor vehicles as well. Also planned in future is a facility that will create similar OLED screens but of a larger size, intended for TVs,

Source: via Engadget


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