Life’s too short to not own a portable R2-D2 PlayStation 4


Some people have way too much time on their hands and we tend to love those people, especially when they use that time to make custom and way-more-awesome versions of tech that we already have.

Case in point, the Star Wars R2-D2 PlayStation 4 notebook, called a PlayBook 4, that you see above. The creation of one Eddie Zarick, the R2-D2 portable gaming setup is something that we never knew we had to have.

There’s nothing substantially different between this setup and a TV/console combination that you might have at home, aside from the size and portability. All of the cool stuff comes by way of 3D-printed parts that were taken from an actual build of the little Star Wars droid.

Zarick has managed to recreate the loveable garbage can’s front lights, he’s dumped a whole mess of R2’s sound effects into the PlayBook 4 and he’s also made us want this thing like we’ve never wanted anything else. Just based on how it looks – we don’t care how shallow that makes us seem.

Source: Ed Zarick


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