Hisense-made ULED TVs arriving in SA this August


Hisense might be a Chinese company but they’re also one of the few to produce their products locally. From smartphones to TVs, Hisense has gained some impressive traction in the local market based on their pricing. Their products themselves aren’t bad either.

So we’re going to be taking notice when the company says that they’ve got some new tech on the way for South Africa. August will see the release of Hisense TV sets, from the Atlantis, Cape Town production facility, featuring something that the company calls ULED or Ultra LED.

OLED is something we’re used to, ULED is something a bit different. Hisense says that ULED TVs use additional independently controlled LED backlights, something that results in brighter whites, darker shades of black and an improved colour spectrum, to hear Hisense tell it. We’ll still wait until we’ve gotten direct contact with one of their ULED screens before starting to spout off like a detergent commercial.

Hisense also says that their ULED 2.0 screens – the tech as been around for a while, it seems – will provide better dimming and HDR, as well as render the TVs more energy efficient. As for the former, that will result in better onscreen details, while Eskom will be thankful for the latter.

Hisense SA Product Manager Jinsuo Liu said in a statement “In a nutshell, our ULED televisions allow users to enjoy amazing picture quality at just an amazingly low price point. Savvy South African shoppers should compare very carefully the differences between ULED and OLED technology to see which offers the best value for money. We are sure they will find that Hisense televisions come up tops.”

Hisense haven’t given us details on specific models being released onto the market come August this year but they have provided a starting price. Their ULED sets, some of which will sport UHD screens, will start at R30,000. We’ll have a much more detailed rundown of the TVs to come once that information becomes available.


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